Saturday, February 13, 2010

Changeable Hawk-Eagle enjoying a feast !

While looking for Tiger scats on a trail in Bor wildlife sanctuary, came across a carcass of a calf of Nilgai. I looked at it and moved ahead. On the way back saw a Changeable Hawk-Eagle on the carcass. For the next 3 days this eagle had a feast! I couldn't make out who made the kill, but it was clear that the Hawk-eagle was enjoying it. As my routes were fixed, I got to see it daily, and the eagle didn't bother at all; it was busy with it's for life. It was a nice opportunity to observe this amazing raptor at close quarters.


Anu said...

This was beautiful!!! You are indeed lucky to see such wonderful sights!

Prach.. said...

Grt pictorial.... !! good ..!!

Raju Kasambe said...

Hi Aditya,
It is really a great Video. I have never heard of this before. But I know of a incidence in which probably the Changeable-hawk Eagle had killed a Jungle Cat. And I know of a reference in which it had killed many Domestic Cats.
Can it overpower or somehow kill a Neelgai fawn?
May someday the answer will come.
Congratuations on such a beautiful video.
Raju Kasambe

sabu said...

Beautiful video. The nearest I got to something similar was seeing a scavenger cannibalising a small bird. I have that on video.

neelpathak said...

great video....

Guru said...

beautiful video!!
2 Questions..
1. Can CHE make such a big kill.
2. If CHE feasting on the kill made by other predator, then are there any records of CHE scavenging??

vidarbhawildlife said...

Thanks Everyone :)
@ Raju Sir, Hope we get an answer to this question.
@ Guru, we dont know if CHE can kill a prey of that size; but they are known to scavenge.