Friday, January 9, 2009

Bar-headed Geese

Collared Bar-headed goose photographed near Nagpur city, Maharashtra, India

Mr. Martin Gilbert of WCS, successfully captured and marked several waterfowl species while sampling for avian influenza in wild waterbirds in Mongolia during July 2007. It says during the course of this fieldwork in summer, a subsample of 30 Whooper Swans Cygnus cygnus, 50 Bar-headed Geese and 21 Bean Geese Anser fabalis have been fitted with coloured neck collars in Hovsgol (Khuvsgul) aimag (province) in northern Mongolia.

One of these collared Bar-headed goose came near Nagpur, Maharashtra (First Photograph).Due to this photograph of collared Bar-headed goose, the migration of these birds was revealed.

These birds come every winter season near Nagpur. These are amazing birds migrating large distances away from there breeding grounds in winter and then return back as the winter withdraws.

Stream Glory (Neurobasis chinensis) - a Damselfly

Stream Glory - Female. These are really wonderfull. Females of this species are with brownish- semi-transparent wings. The body is greenish metallic in colour. But the males are just Superb.
Stream Glory - Male, This one is a male, normally when it is in the resting position the outer wing colouration are blackish with metallic sheen on it.
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But the vibrant colour is displayed when inner side of the wing is exposed.

Blue bottle

Got this beautiful Blue bottle when it was mud puddling. Took this image at Top Slip.