Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wild Dogs @ Bori Satpuda

Advait, Bicchu and I were looking for tiger scats in Bori-Satpuda. Driving in the lively forest soon brought us to a pond where we saw wild pigs munching happily on pieces of a sambar carcass. Suddenly, a pack of wild dogs appeared on the scene, looking unhappy at the scene they chased them away from the carcass - not an easy task, but the sambar was probably the dholes' kill. However, finally they managed to claim the carcass and settled down to enjoy their meal. It was amazing, watching these wild dogs feed. Watching animals conduct their day to day activities provides us an amazing glimpse into their lives; In the case of these dogs, some kept a sincere vigil as the rest of them ate. One can get an idea of the hierarchical system by observing their behaviour.