Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hermit crabs from South Andamans

Hermit crabs, amazing variety of shells can be seen and even the hermit crabs too
These guys utilize shells of snails to protect their soft abdomen from predators. Not only abdomen but whole body is retracted inside the shell.
As the hermits grow in size, they change the shells, the abdomen is flexible enough to grip the shell on inner side. And they have amazing shells and even hermits themselves come in variety of colours.

Hermit crab from South Andamans.

Hermit crab from South Andamans.

Bay island forest lizard

Bay island forest lizard (Coryphophylax subcristatus)from South Andamans.

Sarus Cranes !

Sarus Cranes from Navegaon NP. The one with a Brownish orange head is a Sub-adult. These are amazing birds, but the habitat in which they live is heavily modified, even the eggs are stolen as they are believed to have some So called "Medicinal properties". The future of these cranes is really uncertain in this area.