Monday, October 13, 2008

Malabar Flying Frog

Malabar FLYING Frog (Racophorus malabaricus)from Top Slip (Anamalai range, Western Ghats)

Superb leaf green coloured frog with yellow-reddish webbed feet. The females are larger than males.
The most remarkable habit of this is that they GLIDE from trees, it's superb..

To spawn, female usually choose a sight where the leaves are hanging over a water body. Then she lays eggs and male fertilizes them and whip up a FOAM like substance that covers the eggs, Hence the nest is called as FOAM nest.

Then female gather leaves close to the nest and encloses them in leaves. As foam dries up the leaves get glued to each other. The tadpoles emerge from the eggs and then drop in the water pool below and the life cycle moves forward......

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